When it comes to technology, the worst product anyone has to deal with is a printer. I say this from my experience with it for more than 15 years, and all my encounters with a printer usually results in me wanting to pull my hair out.

Earlier this week HP invited me to an instawalk to experience their new range of DeskJet Ink Advantage printers. I did try out the 3835 all-in-one (AIO) printer in December, but didn’t have photo paper to test printing pics on my phone. With this range of printers (there’s 5 different models to choose from), HP says it wants to bring quality printing to your home in an accessible and affordable way. I will tell you just how accessible it was for me at the instawalk.

Props to HP for making this a fun experience – a graffiti tour of Maboneng with Past Experiences, which was incredible. We got to learn a lot about graffiti, artists and the thinking behind why they do what they do. Apart from the learning, we got to photograph really amazing artwork mostly on our mobile phones.


After the walking tour was over, we stopped for lunch at Arts on Main, where all the new HP printers were setup, connected, and ready for us to use. The only instruction we were given prior to the tour was to download HP’s AiO Remote app.


The app lets you choose from where you want to print – camera roll, docs, or the cloud (Drobox, Box, Evernote, Google Drive), and there’s a bunch of other settings you can tweak. It also supports “document capture”, which lets you take a pic of the document you want to print (I personally prefer the Scannable app for this).

All that was required from our side at lunch was to connect to any of the printers over WiFi, before opening the app to start printing pics. The app then lets you choose a printer and how many copies you want of the image you are printing. It was that simple. Additionally, if you are on iOS, you can print directly from iOS, without even using the app.


The quality of the prints were good, but not the best I’ve seen. It is good value for what you will spend on the printer (prices below), and for the purpose it will serve, probably to share with friends or family and display prints on your fridge, or your desk. Basically, a good home printing solution.

My favourite pic from the instawalk is currently on my fridge 🙂


When HP said they want to make printing more accessible, this is exactly what they meant. If it means I don’t have to connect another printer directly to my Macbook, I’ll be happy. Between apps that can scan, documents accessible on your smartphone or cloud service, do you even need a PC or laptop to print anymore?

All HP Ink Advantage printer models (3835; 3635; 4535; 4675; 5575) have one thing in common – it supports wireless printing from smartphones and tablets. The printer and the device has to be on the same network.


Prices from R999 – R1999. Check the HP website for specs.