I recently got to test the Belkin Chef Stand & Stylus, especially designed for use in the kitchen.

If you use your tablet regularly to follow recipes, you definitely don’t want to touch it with messy fingers. And wiping your hands every time you need to scroll eventually gets annoying.

Inside the box you get a stand, a stylus and a stylus holder. The stand has a non-slip rubber bottom so no knocking it around by mistake. It supports two different viewing angles – standing upright in the slot; and sitting flat on its surface. The stylus itself takes a little bit of getting used to. The trick here is find the right amount of pressure you need to scroll. Once you know that, scrolling – with messy fingers – is a breeze. The stylus can be cleaned with warm water and soap.

The magnetic tip can be used to wake up an iPad 2, but it’s not necessarily limited to an iPad. It is compatible with tablets that fit into the holding slot. It can also be used with certain tablet covers.

What I like about the stand is that it has a nice chrome finish, bound to match something in your kitchen! Apart from looks, it’s quite sturdy. The stand supports your tablet in portrait and landscape mode. The stylus itself is thick and if you’re wearing kitchen gloves, you’re still able to grip it.

You can browse the web with the stylus, but I won’t recommend it because then it feels like a chore. It just works best for referring to recipes while you’re in the kitchen.

The stand can be used outside the kitchen, as a stand alone, to watch movies or play games. If you have a kid, makes a nice prop too, for interacting with learning apps.

The Belkin Chef Stand & Stylus costs R440 at Expansys