IMG_9277You can be certain the BlackBerry Classic is a standout smartphone – it looks nothing like any other smartphone we’ve become accustomed to over the last couple of years.

The Classic is characterised by its half-size screen combined with a four-row physical keyboard beneath it. First glance takes you back several years to when keyboards were still a thing.

Look and feel

The Classic has a very ‘BlackBerry’ look about it, so design wise, it hasn’t really evolved. The Classic is the follow-up handset to the Bold 9900, and was created based on feedback received from customers. The handset has curved edges, is slightly heavier than most current smartphones, it takes a nanoSIM card and the back cover isn’t removable. This means that unlike before, you can’t ‘fix’ issues by removing and reinserting the battery. This was a quick solution for several problems.

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