casemateThe Case-Mate iPhone 5 Pop! ID cover has a built-in “wallet” feature that holds 2 credit card sized items.

It’s made from durable plastic with a rubberised front border and sides for a better grip. It feels quite light but once you slip your phone into it, makes it slightly chunky and takes a while to get used to.

While it is a bit of squeeze to get in, it does offer solid protection if you’re prone to dropping your phone. The wallet feature is a slot that sits at the back, which allows for 2 credit card sized items, like a drivers licence and bank card.


If two bank cards are inserted, it does feel a bit snug; but if you’re putting a South African drivers licence into it, it feels slightly more tight. I’d also recommend inserting the licence card at the back and the bank card at the front, if not, you’re just going to end up removing both if you need your bank card only. It’s not a case that I’d use every single day, I usually change cases most of the time and sometimes don’t use one.


– It’s convenient if you need to go out for the evening, or to a concert/sport match where you don’t want to carry much besides the bare minimum. Pop in your bank card/licence ID and off you go.
– It comes in a selection of funky colours so you can match it with your favourite outfit if you want! (I have the white and grey one to test). In addition to the above colours, you can get it in black/black; white/light grey; and white/blue.
– If you drop your phone face down, there is a slightly less chance of the screen shattering due to the edges. (I do not recommend you try this).

– The case itself makes the phone feel a bit chunky – could be mistaken for an iPhone 4/4S.
– The mute button is slightly difficult to access; helps if your nail is a slightly long.
– The border at the bottom is too thin/fragile, which is where you’d grip to remove the case.

R299 from Vodacom, Vodacom4U and Cellucity stores nationwide.