cogitoAs you know, I’m not the biggest fan of smart watches.

I don’t need a screen attached to my wrist when my smartphone can do everything better than a smart watch. Also, how many devices would you have to charge every day?

I was skeptical to try the Cogito connected watch, because I didn’t want something vibrating on my wrist with each notification.

BUT, it turns out I was wrong. The Cogito connected watch – note it’s not called a “smart watch” – is just a regular analogue timepiece with LED notifications for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, calendar entries, etc. So here you have a regular watch, where the design hasn’t been compromised to cater for its functionality, and it informs you of your notifications in the most discreet manner – that does not continuously vibrate.


The Cogito Pop watch in blue is the one I chose to try first. I also received a Cogito Classic to review, but it’s on the masculine side and slightly too large for my wrist. The Pop is compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.3 upwards. You need to to download the Cogito app and pair your handset with the watch with Bluetooth. The Pop runs on a standard watch battery, which means no charging it daily – just that your smartphone needs to have Bluetooth turned on for it to be useful.

The pairing process was easy enough. Once you pair via Bluetooth, you go into the app settings and choose which notifications you want the watch to display – private, social, mail, event, battery or call. The Pop has 4 LED notifications and thus far I’ve only seen 3 light up for either calls, social notifications, messaging, mail and calendar entries. The Cogito Classic supports battery notifications and caller ID.


I’ve been using the watch since last week and I like that it does what is supposed to do very simply, without being obtrusive. When my phone gets a push notification, the watch beeps just once with a single vibration, and the LED light flashes on one of the corresponding notifications so I know what it is. I can then clear the LED light by pressing the top button on the watch. So it only beeps once, and then the light flashes until you clear it, or if you check your phone. The button at the bottom on the right hand side controls your music – just pause and play.

The watch is a great accessory for when you’re at an event, meeting or just out, and your phone is in your bag/pocket and you don’t want to keep on checking your phone – most of us do it unnecessarily – but sometimes intentionally.

If you’ve stopped wearing a watch since your first cellphone and your main concern is “but I don’t wear a watch”, then it’s obviously not for you.

The Cogito Pop features:
– incoming and missed calls
– messages; email; calendar; social network notifications
– 100m water resistant
– Uses Bluetooth 4.0
– LED notifications; vibrations
COST: R1299 at Incredible Connection, Dion Wired and a few other stores.

The Cogito Classic at R2499: