EPSON_L800As a Mac user, printers have always been my biggest enemy. I would rather go to a PostNet and pay to get documents printed than set up a printer or connect to one over a network.

I’ve done both with various printers, and every single time I ended with a feeling of wanting to throw the printer against the wall.

So yes, it’s safe to say I hate printers.

When I was asked to review the Epson Inkjet Photo L800 printer, I didn’t expect it to be as large as it was (no, I didn’t research it before it arrived). So when it did, it was completely unexpected.

For initial set-up, I had to download drivers from the Epson website. It took a while before it eventually linked with my Mac and to get a test page printed. I almost gave up. The individual ink tank system was already linked when I received it so it saved me some time getting that done.


Epson claims that the L800 is the world’s first photo branded printer to use an integrated ink tank system which is for high volume prints at lowest running costs.

I started off by printing A4 photos, and was thoroughly impressed with the quality. I didn’t need to edit any images, I just printed original photos (4MB in size) and colours appeared rich and vibrant. At the print option for each photo, I just chose a border style (polaroid, no border, etc). It took a bit of trial and error (just one) to figure out how to slot the photo paper in by just looking at the printer. I printed a bulk of normal sized photos (10x15cm in size) and a few A4 ones.

Epson says the L800’s tank system yields 1800 10x15cm sized prints, which works out to R0.60 per print. Photos are printed in 13 seconds each for that size and a maximum resolution of 5760dpi. The printer bottles are fitted with filters to control airflow, thereby minimising ink wastage from evaporation. The ink tank system uses 6 bottles of ink, each one 70ml and all have a unique code (requires upon initial setup).


The printer comes with the Epson Creativity Suite software for photo editing, which I couldn’t test on a Macbook Air because it doesn’t have an optical drive (it came on a CD). The software lets you fix red eye, enhance photos and print directly from it.

The printer is slightly too bulky for my liking, but it does an excellent job, photo quality is brilliant. The one thing that disappointed me was the lack of an Ethernet port or wireless capabilities. If you’re going to buy a printer in 2013, it should have these options. Give me a bulky printer any day, provided it has WiFi… and an app, then I’m not going to worry about the size.

PRICE: R4,400
RATING: 8/10