Ergotherapy — are you sitting comfortably? Ergotherapy chair and laptop stand review.

A year of lockdown has been enough time to gauge the importance of having a comfortable workspace suitable for extended periods. A dining room table and chair might just not cut it in the long run.

Ergotherapy has a range of physio-designed products aimed at increased comfort and productivity. They include electric standing desks, foot rests, laptop tilts, monitor stands and various chairs, such as mid-or high-back ones. The office furniture is made locally and has been endorsed by the SA Society of Physiotherapy.

The company’s popular NetOne chairs have been approved by the Chiropractic Association of SA.

The FM has been testing the NetOne high-back ergonomic office chair and the Ergoprop laptop stand.

Buying a NetOne chair also gets you a consultation with a physiotherapist from Ergotherapy.

During our video chat the therapist explained the importance of using the correct chair and the way the chair is meant to be adjusted for your body. Almost every part of the chair is configurable.

Prior to receiving the chair I was asked to say what my height was. A chair and a headrest were chosen for me according to this.

The seat moves forward and backward; the arm rests tilt out to the side and slide to the front and the back; and the back can be height-adjusted and tilted at an angle that can be locked into place. The headrest is also height and angle adjustable.

The chair was paired with the Ergoprop laptop stand, which is designed to improve neck posture and wrist position while allowing the laptop to stay cool by means of the airflow. The stand has a foldable foot, so it can be stored flat.

Both these products have made a big difference to how I work. I have not experienced wrist aches or backaches since I started using it, which is to be expected from a medically endorsed product.

Ergotheraphy is so confident about this chair that it offers a 30-day comfort guarantee.

Spending R6,500 on a chair may seem a lot, but I consider that it is not so when you put your health first. The Ergoprop laptop stand costs R299.

Both products are available directly on the company’s website,

Cool factor 4/5
Usability 4/5
Value for money 3½/5

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