The newest Fujifilm instant camera that just made its way to South Africa is the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic.

It has a design very similar to X Series – a vintage, matte finish that looks and feels expensive. It looks very different to the Instax Mini 8 pastel range, which I reviewed last year and eventually purchased.

What remains the same about Fujifilm’s revival of instant cameras – they are still loads of fun.

I absolutely love the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. I read about it last year when it was announced and been after one ever since. Just a couple of days after playing with the review unit, I already decided to buy one, based on selling my Instax Mini 8 – which took half a day!

There’s one key thing about Fujifilm’s instant cameras – it brings about happiness. Whether you’re with friends or family, everyone is fascinated by it and more so with the results – instant, credit card sized photos.


Inside the box you get the camera, rechargeable battery + charger, strap, and instruction manual. It’s very similar in size and weight to the Instax Mini 8. When I held both side by side, I couldn’t tell which was heavier/lighter. As you can see in the pic above, the power button is above the lens, next to the flash and viewfinder.

To the back, at the middle sits the battery slot and beneath it is the slot for a pack of film, which holds 10. It also has a tripod socket. Where the Instax Mini 90 differs from the Instax Mini 8 is the features and controls. The Mini 90 features:
– retractable 60mm lens
– built-in flash
– six shooting modes
– brightness control
– rechargeable battery

fujifilm-instax-mini-90Photo credit:

The six shooting modes are amazing, giving you a lot more control for an instant camera. However, it does take a bit of playing around (read: expensive due to film being used) and experimenting to figure out what modes work best. The different modes include: party, infant, double exposure, landscape, macro and bulb exposure. You can control the level of brightness with normal, bright, bright+ and dark. Flash options include on, off, and removing red-eye.

The shots I took this past weekend outdoors in the sunlight work best on landscape mode with the level of brightness adjusted to dark. I discovered this after taking a couple of shots on landscape that some colours looked a bit washed out, so making it dark seemed most logical. I loved the results! The credit card sized photos come out instantly and develop within a few minutes. It does not require any shaking like the old Polaroid film. Best you don’t shake them or it will affect the colours.


If you’re tired of taking tons of digital photos, an instant camera may be something worth getting. It’s worth using for special occasions with friends or family; or if you’re into scrapbooking. With film costing R150 for a pack of 10, you have to make sure you get your shot right the first time. In a way, it makes you think carefully before snapping. The pack of film above was purchased in Dubai (much cheaper that side, or overseas/Amazon). You can tons of different film options if you shop online like rainbow, Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty, Marvel – just do a Pinterest search, it’s endless!

I purchased my own Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic from for R1 789 and it came with an awesome free leather case.