Automating a household chore is both brilliant and efficient, because you can be productive with something less mundane. We’ve experienced the revolution that was the dishwasher, and now there’s a smart appliance that promises to be life changing.

Over the past few years, robot vacuum cleaners have entered the local market from globally recognisable brands such as iRobot to cost-effective ones like Xiaomi. Then there’s a whole lot more from brands you probably never heard of.

Robovacs are smart appliances that pair with a smartphone so it can be controlled and accessed using an app. It requires little maintenance and human intervention; it typically maps your house and cleans up by either vacuuming or mopping — or both.

Some of the more expensive models are self-emptying, otherwise all you’re required to do is empty it and fill water or detergent.

The Mail & Guardian has tested Hobot’s new powerful Legee 7 model that is a four-in-one vacuum mop. It scrubs and mops floors up to 900 times a minute from its 1 800g mopping force and 2 700Pa strong vacuum suction, which is clearly no match for a human.