iShower-smallThe iShower is a Bluetooth-enabled water-resistant wireless speaker compatible with a selection of smartphones and tablets.

The range of devices include iOS, Android, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, etc; you can find a list here (looks a bit dated though). It plays music, audiobooks, the radio or anything from your favourite app, while you’re in the shower, bath, or by the pool.

The iShower supports audio playback in up to a 200 foot range; allows you to pair up to five devices; offers multiple mounting options; and is light/portable, while still feeling solid. It runs on 3x AA batteries, which is included in the box.


It’s water resistant, which works well on your shower wall, and can handle splashes and sprays, but it should not be submerged in water. It has a speaker at the back, and audio playback is decent, given that it’s competing with the sound of water. When the volume is turned up high, sound gets a bit distorted, but it isn’t necessary to have it cranked all the way up if you’re next to it. Audio playback is consistent, and there were no glitches or pauses.

The device itself is rectangular in shape and has 8 buttons on the front, which let’s you pause/play/forward/back a track; control the volume, a power and Bluetooth button. The back also has a flip-out hook style stand, if you want to use it next to your tub or by the pool.


Pairing a device to the speaker is not straight-forward. You have to read the manual for this, which isn’t just selecting the iShower even though it’s discoverable. You need to press and hold the Bluetooth button on the iShower for 5 seconds to enter setup mode. Once you pair your device, unfortunately it doesn’t automatically remember it each time you want to use the iShower. You have to manually go in and select the device from your phone when you want to use it.

You can play anything from your favourite app, be it music, audiobooks, podcasts, or radio and control it directly from the iShower. Overall, a very convenient device if you feel you cannot do without some form of audio playback while you shower or bath.


– Connect up to 5 devices.
– You can skip tracks or adjust the volume with wet fingers.

– Every time you want to use it, you have to select the device again from Bluetooth compatible devices, it doesn’t remember your handset.

R1299 from the iStore.