Kingston-SSDNowLate last year Kingston started shipping its new range of next-generation solid state drives, the SSDNow V Series.

It is aimed at you and me – the consumer, looking to upgrade an existing PC or notebook, and it’s about 10x faster than your standard 7200 RPM hard drive.

My review is by no way meant to be too technical, and I hope if you are looking to upgrade or just need storage, you find my post useful. 

Personally, the main reason I ever need more storage is because I’m always running out of space for movies and TV series, especially HD content. Enter the SSDNow V300. It comes either as a stand alone drive or an upgrade kit, which includes cloning software and other accessories.


Set-up was fairly easy, even if you haven’t assembled or installed hardware before, because you can use it internally or as an external drive (upgrade kit). I used it internally. After installing it, I ran into a slight problem – I couldn’t see/access the drive even though the BIOS did. Reason for this was that the drive wasn’t formatted. Solution was to go into Computer Management and format from there.

I didn’t use the drive’s cloning software as my existing PC runs off a SSD. Instead, I tested it by transferring HD content and music. My first test was copying a bunch of MP3’s (total 1GB). On the old drive it took 33 seconds; on the new Kingston SSDNow V300, it took 8.2 seconds. I then copied a single episode of a TV show which was 1GB. It took 36 seconds on the old drive, and 7.6 seconds on the Kingston SSDNow V300.

My write speed results:
1GB of MP3s on the old drive = 30MB/s
1GB of MP3s on the Kingston drive = 122MB/s
1GB of a TV show on the old drive = 28MB/s
1GB of a TV show on the Kingston drive = 132MB/s

I also ran theoretical benchmarks for read speed. This was on my old drive:


This was on the Kingston SSDNow V300:


By looking at the average speeds, it’s 28.8MB/s on the old, vs. 196.7MB/s on the Kingston.

As you can see from the above, there is a noticeable difference in speed. If want your laptop or PC to just boot faster, or copy files quicker, then the Kingston SSDNow V Series is an option to consider; and it’s in a good price range.

In terms of pricing, you are looking at:
60GB Stand alone drive – R811.
120GB Stand alone drive – R1249.
60GB Desktop/notebook upgrade kit – R940.
120GB Desktop/notebook upgrade kit – R1,378.