The Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631 is designed to use with a Mac via Bluetooth.

It’s super slim design houses a trackpad on the top surface area, and if you’re familiar with a trackpad interface, specifically on an Air or Pro, it’s easier to adjust to. I used the mouse with an iMac and didn’t really need “adjusting”. It also works with Windows 7 & 8 gestures.

Inside the box you get the mouse, a (very short) USB charging cable and an instruction manual. The mouse is USB powered and not battery operated so requires a charge every three weeks, according to Logitech. I didn’t have the mouse long enough to test this, however I did need to charge it once. Logitech also says that one minute of charge should give you an hour of usage. The charging port is located at the bottom, which makes it impossible to use while it charges.


Setup is very easy, you just turn on Bluetooth at the base of the mouse, and use your machine’s Bluetooth to pick it up, and pair. The mouse is quite compact and smaller than what I’m used to. Once you adjust the mouse speed settings on your laptop/desktop, you’re good to go. The mouse has support for 2 devices (desktop, laptop, tablet) and you can toggle between them immediately by the flick of a button (Bluetooth 1 & 2 located at the base).

Even though the mouse is small, it’s comfortable enough to use for lengthy periods without getting annoyed. I could edit photos on Photoshop without feeling like it’s inadequate. My one gripe was that I couldn’t tap with the touch interface, just click. And sometimes the clicking felt a bit too “loud” – compared to a normal mouse. My personal primary mouse is Logitech’s ergonomically designed M305, which I still prefer over their Ultrathin Touch Mouse.

Overall the Ultrathin Touch Mouse is compact, lightweight and portable. It’s ideal for needing to get things done if you’re working from a coffee shop or travelling; preferably for an on-the-go situation. I’d definitely take it over its rival, the Apple Magic Mouse, which I have used before and didn’t take a liking to. It beats a lot of other compact mouse’s I’ve tried.

– Compact and portable (68g).
– Responsive gestures.
– Can toggle between 2 paired devices.
– Works with gestures on OS X and Windows 7 & 8.

– No battery, so you have to charge every three weeks.
– Touch interface doesn’t allow you to tap.

Logitech South Africa don’t have local pricing yet, but it’s US$69.99.