Wireless chargers don’t have the best reputation: they’re tricky to get aligned and stay put and typically lower in wattage compared to a cable and plug.

Enter the Moshi Lounge Q wireless charging stand.

Moshi has a range of accessories for phones and laptops, including phone covers, bags and hubs. Its wireless charger, which we’ve been testing, falls under the “at work” category.

The Lounge Q is one of the better-looking wireless chargers — inspired, says Moshi, by Scandinavian furniture design.

And yes, it deserves to sit prominently on a desk or in your living room. Its dimensions are 11.69cm x 11.69cm x 10.18cm.

It is grey and features a microfibre pad, nonslip silicone rings and a height-adjustable stainless steel rail for various phone sizes. It has an LED charging status indicator to the right.

Phones can be placed horizontally or vertically while you’e working, allowing you to view your screen at all times so you don’t miss important notifications or calls.

The stand supports the Qi wireless standard, which I tested successfully with an iPhone, Samsung and LG. The phones differed in size but I could adjust it so the electromagnetic coils lined up at the centre.

The charger also supports phone covers up to 5mm thick, which worked through my iPhone case. The reason for this is that its proprietary Q-coil design features a ferrite sheet that is thicker than others.

The Lounge Q has a maximum of up to 15W — fast when compared to the days when a 5W iPad plug could “fast-charge” my stuff. The maximum watts would differ for each device.

It charged the LG Velvet from 50% to 100% in an hour and a half. Its best-case scenario, in my experience, is the ability to take calls via Bluetooth earbuds while the phone is charging; handy when you’re down to less than 20% of battery life.

It is also convenient for propping up to watch videos while it charges; in this instance it works better than a cable and plug.

The Moshi Lounge Q wireless charger is not a gadget you absolutely need, but it is convenient, speedy and reliable; a nice-to-have addition to a workstation minus the untidy cables.

It costs R1,749 at macnificent.co.za.

Cool factor 5/5
Usability 5/5
Value for money 3/5

Published here: https://www.businesslive.co.za/fm/fm-fox/gimme/2021-05-06-tech-review-fast-convenient-nice-to-have-moshi-wireless-charger/