I was given the N82 to use for a month. Something that I noticed immediately was the speed between applications and the launching of them. Now that I’ve “downgraded” back to my N70, I am getting irritable at how slow everything is.

nokian82At the N82 launch last December, the main focus was the photography. It has a 5MP camera, Carl Zeiss lens, and a Xenon flash, which is really powerful. I tested it by taking pictures in the dark and they were clearly visible. Very impressive for a camera phone.

The N82 came preloaded with a PanoMan, MotionLens and w-Postcard application. PanoMan allows you to take panoramic pictures. Its very simple to get into, and the panoramic image takes a few seconds to compose. MotionLens lets you to zoom into a picture by holding ‘5’ and moving the device forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out.

w-Postcard is quite a clever little application. If you’re on holiday and take a nice scenic picture and want to create a postcard, just open the picture in the application and then you will be prompted to add text over the pic. The clever thing is that the text is actually a picture that you take. eg if you’re in Durban and you see a “Welcome to Durban” sign, simply take a picture of the sign, and it will automatically capture the text only. You will be allowed to edit / customise the text before placing it over your initial picture.

Another feature that is a firm favourite is the wifi capability. Its going to be a standard feature in my next phone. This was very handy while I was waiting at Johannesburg International Airport a few weeks ago. I used my old mweb login to surf as they give you 300 free minutes a month. While I was in Hong Kong, I picked up on some wifi signal and also managed to check email and logon to facebook.

If you’re a Nokia fan, then you wont be disappointed with the N82. I’m already missing its speed.

Originally blogged on My Digital Life