Spyder-caseThe Spyder PowerShadow i5d battery case, as its name suggests, it meant for the iPhone 5/5S.

When it comes to battery cases, I’ve tried a couple and my personal preference is the Mophie Juice Pack.

So when I received this one to review, it was the ultimate test – would it match up to my Mophie one? The i5d has a battery capacity of 2100mAh.

The case itself is made from an impact resistant polycarbonate body, with a soft satin like finish. On the back you will see a power button and four blue LED status indicators. You press and hold the power button for about 4 seconds before it registers – so that you don’t accidentally switch it on and waste power.


I was travelling a while back when I received it so I thought it would be the perfect time to test it. I packed everything that came in the box – the charging cover, the dock and the cable. I was travelling to Europe and took my adaptors as well.

I took it fully charged, so used it the first day I got to roam around at leisure. I put my iPhone 5S into and let it do its thing. I noticed it took a while longer to charge than what I’ve experienced with the Mophie case. I was making use of my phone quite a bit as it was charging (Google Maps, Instagram, email, etc, as one does while walking in Paris) so that was also partially the reason.

nafisa-spyder(Picture credit: @tianatweets)

That evening I plugged it into the dock for an overnight charge but by the next morning, it had only charged one bar. I think this may have been caused by the adaptor I used and possibly a weak connection, I don’t know for sure. So I didn’t use it for the remainder of the trip as I was uncertain about the reliability, but I did use it again when I got back to South Africa. It charged fine, I didn’t get the same issue I did back then. While using it here, it was just a matter of using it regardless of how long it took to recharge, than what I was accustomed to.

What you should know if you’ve never owned a battery case for your iPhone 5/5S:
– The Spyder PowerShadow i5d case is light and adds minimal ‘bulk’ (see pic above)
– Gives you full access to your ports once in use
– Has a battery level indicator
– You can recharge it without removing the cover (so keep it permanently on and just dock it each night)
– Weighs 85g
– Has more than enough power for an iPhone 5/5S (2100mAh)

Inside the box:
– Battery case
– Charge/sync dock
– Audio port extender adaptor (so you can use your earphones while it charges)
– USB cable
– Product guide

Overall, in comparison to the Mophie Juice Pack, the Spyder PowerShadow i5d takes longer to charge up, and longer to recharge your phone once plugged in.

The Spyder PowerShadow i5d case is available at all iStores nationwide for R1299.