I was sent the latest Rubybox (November) by the company, to do a comparison to Glambox. It is also an online beauty service that lets you ‘try before you buy’, for a fee.

When I received it, my first impression was that it was much smaller than Glambox. The size of Rubybox as shown on their website is not the size you receive; it is a bit narrow/smaller. After what I read online, I had high expectations for Rubybox; I expected fancier packing too.

Inside the November box were 3 perfume samples from Guerlain: Aqua Allegoria, Shalimar and Idylle; Ahava purifying mud mask; Elizabeth Arden intervene radiance boosting moisture cream; L’Occitane butter hand cream and Carita ideal hydration cream.

To be honest, I expected at least one regular sized product (my eye pencil and mascara from my last Glambox stays in my handbag). The price for one month is R100, just like Glambox; but the contents did not impress me. I was considering signing up for Rubybox as well, but I think I’ll stick to Glambox for now. One of the reasons I like Glambox is that you get to feel like it’s your birthday when you open it (a welcoming feeling when you’re busy at work). I just didn’t feel that with Rubybox – it was underwhelming. 

If you are using Rubybox – let me know if you’ve been satisfied with it thus far (also from the previous 2 months). If you’d like to check out their website, go to www.rubybox.co.za

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  1. Syllable 15/11/2011 at 09:02 Reply

    Rubybox’s website is much sleeker, and from their previous boxes I thought I’d prefer them to Glambox. Signing up to receive both in December before making a final decision. It’s cool to get something nice every month, but does the price warrant what [rubybox] currently offers?

  2. Kirsty 28/11/2011 at 16:27 Reply

    I’m going to stick with Rubybox. Their products are far more luxurious, whereas Glambox gives thinks like Revlon. I’d far rather get a sample size of a luxury product than a full-size item that I could buy from Clicks.

  3. Nafisa 07/12/2011 at 16:19 Reply

    Kirsty – are you happy with your December rubybox? Saw lots of unhappy posts on Facebook and other blog posts.

  4. Kirsty 08/12/2011 at 09:50 Reply

    Hi Nafisa – I’m really happy with my box. I saw people complaining, but I think it’s because people in different areas received different products. Perhaps not the best way to go about it as people don’t like missing out. However, I do think that there are loads of happy customers who haven’t said anything on FB, and a select few who enjoy complaining.

  5. candice 20/04/2012 at 23:14 Reply

    I am and will always be a glambox girl! http://www.glambox.co.za

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