Yesterday I played with the Samsung Galaxy Tab (it was not given to me for review). My husband’s client gave it to him to create apps for them.

Anyway, my first impression was that it looked nice and I did (apparently what everyone else did) and put the ‘massive’ device to my ear and said “so this is how you’d look when making phone calls?” It’s kinda funny when you picture people walking around with that thing against their ear whilst having a conversation. I also liked the screen, it is responsive.

I’ve used an Android phone before so I know that you require a Google account to access market place and several built-in Google apps. I logged in with one of my Google’s accounts and downloaded a few apps: Facebook for Android, Angry Birds, and Comics. I logged into Facebook, posted an update and played Angry Birds.

Then I realised I should logout of my account since everyone using the tablet at my husband’s office will have access to my email. It is not a straight-forward process, you have to reset the device to do so, and this process wipes everything you downloaded. Hmmm.

I then went into the Facebook application and what do you know, there isn’t a “logout” button. Why? WHY?!! Does nobody care about the user experience? Oh wait, don’t answer that…

Why is everything such a mission with Android? People think Android is synonymous with cool, because it’s open source. Yes, it may be cool for developers, but nobody took the time to work around making processes simple/one-click, the way Apple does. Of course I’m going to compare it, since Apple owns 95% of the tablet market.

It is small things like this that makes the whole experience better. Imagine if the App Store was tied to your email? This is Google’s biggest problem. They tie your Google account to all their offerings and I find it sneaky. But Google and privacy is another topic.

Manufacturers are focussing too much on hardware, and quick to offer the best ‘up-to-date’ product, and just dumping Android onto it. Because they don’t care about the user-experience. I don’t know if Apple has made me this way: where I expect everything to be simple, less-complicated and uncluttered.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is priced at R5999 on, as a SALE price. Normal price is R7999. Thanks, but no thanks. Give me two entry-level iPads instead.

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  1. R2D2 22/03/2011 at 12:39 Reply

    Raised some valid points about Android…but hey….Android is not all bad, just needs some extra attention…..but then again I have never experienced the Apple UI sooo I will not do any Apple bashing, Symbian fan boy migrating to Android. Apple, for now, is waaay out of my price range :-/

    Great article thank you 🙂

  2. Nafisa 22/03/2011 at 13:25 Reply

    Hi R2D2, I guess I should have said I don’t mind it on a mobile phone (I’ll take it over Symbian any day) than a tablet. I’ve tested an Android handset before and I liked it.

  3. SHarif 20/04/2011 at 13:39 Reply

    Love Apple… iPad > iPhone > there is no comparison and i’ve been a Samsung nut for years until I stumbled upon APPLE…. used the Tab but its a little cumbersom never liked it… Apple all the way …no turning back now… not anymore…

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