South Africa and Africa’s first developer on the Nintendo Switch platform, Nyamakop releases the long awaited Semblance today. The playdough puzzle platformer is available for the Switch through the eShop; PC and Mac via Steam and costs $9.99 across all platforms, which is roughly ~R130. The game started off as a final year university project at Wits in 2015, and look at how far it has come. 

Nyamakop describes it as follows:

[blockquote pull=”” align=”left” attributed_to=”Nyamakop, developer of Semblance” attributed_to_url=”” border_color=””]Semblance is a puzzle platformer where your soft, bouncy character and its soft, bouncy world are almost entirely deformable. An infestation of hard material has spread throughout the land. Squish, squash, mold and deform yourelf and the environment to solve challenging puzzles, squeeze through tight spots and bring your delicate land back to life.[/blockquote]

I’ve been playing it for the last couple of days and love the whole squishy-looking world, colours and sounds. You are a basically a purple blob called Squish in a side-scrolling 2D world, which allows you adjust the land and shape it the way you want in order to solve puzzles. I experienced what appeared to be a once-off glitch where I was stuck so I started again but it’s all fine now and got through the same point.

There’s no X amount of lives as such, if you ‘die’, you come back and continue where you left off, which is how a puzzle works – and the perfect game for any kid (or adult!) who owns a Switch. But also, supporting South Africa’s first game for the Switch should be a part of why you buy it. It’s great fun and you can take it with you anywhere because well, it’s a Switch!


[list default_icon=”gamepad” icon_color=”” columns=”1″ arrange_columns=”vertical”]
[list_item icon=”gamepad” icon_color=””]A unique playdough world to mould and deform to your will.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”gamepad” icon_color=””]A soft,squishy character to help squeeze into tight spots, and interact with the world in different ways.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”gamepad” icon_color=””]Challenging puzzles for players to solve.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”gamepad” icon_color=””]Gorgeous, yet simple art style.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”gamepad” icon_color=””]Engaging, yet minimalist story.[/list_item]

I spoke to co-creator Ben Myers last year ( at the Amaze festival (he is also the program manager), who mentioned that the game was shown at gaming conventions like Gamescom, PAX and E3. Myers said that Semblance is Nyamakop’s first commercial title, but their studio has made other games before that was downloaded a few thousand times through festival circuits. Semblance had a team of five working on it, and received financial backing through an investor.

If you own a Switch or have a Steam account, y’all know what to do… support Nyamakop and buy a copy of Semblance for $9.99 or ~R130.