shoX rocks!

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On Friday I attended the media launch of the iStore in Sandton (doors opened to be public on Saturday, 9 May). The store looks very coporatey – but simple yet elegant, just like the Apple brand. The iStore can be used as a venue for book launches (at no cost), which is cool. Although, I don’t see myself making use of that now or the future 😉

We were offered a 50% discount on the new shuffle but I already have a shuffle (2nd generation) so I didn’t take advantage of that. I did however, purchase these really nifty shoX speakers. They are simply awesome. Read a review here, which sums it up nicely.

shoxThe iStore is situated on 1 Sandton Drive.

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  1. qudsiya 20/05/2009 at 11:55 Reply

    i bought a pair of shoX last year… it worked fine for six months, but now gives off an awful static sound.

    TheiStore looks so appealing from the outside. I’m putting off going in until I can afford a Mac; else I’m just going to be depressed :p

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