sony-smartwatchThe Sony SmartWatch 2 is a water-resistant smartwatch with NFC capabilities, announced yesterday. 

It serves as a multi-functional notification device and acts as a phone remote control. The next-generation SmartWatch 2 lets you personalise it according to your needs (business, fitness, or on-the-go).

It runs on Android and connects to the internet via Bluetooth, using connectivity from your smartphone. The SmartWatch 2 lets you do the following without accessing your smartphone: 

– Answers your calls
– Takes photos remotely using the smart camera app
– Controls your presentations using Presentation Pal
– Lets you access fitness apps to check your progress
– If you’re running, use the mapping app to check your route
– Control your music (adjust volume and change tracks) 

The SmartWatch 2 has a sleek and robust design, which is water and dust resistant (like Sony’s Xperia Z range), and can be used in most weather conditions.


I got to play with a prototype SmartWatch 2 at the Sony store earlier today when I went to view the Xperia Z Ultra (a 6.4″ smartphone announced yesterday). I liked the feel of it, and it finally makes sense to own a smartphone with a screen size larger than 4.5-inches. The SmartWatch makes a great companion so that you don’t have to whip it out your big phone all the time. However, it is too soon to come to any conclusions about it, since it is a prototype, and definitely needs to be polished. I’d really like to play with the final version to get a better feel of it, and test battery life, especially when connected to the internet over Bluetooth.

Pricing and availability TBA.