Spore, one of the most popular PC titles of 2008, has finally made its way to the Wii. The spin-off, called Spore Hero, is similar to the PC game but has been adapted for a younger audience.

Spore Hero allows players to create their hero, while the main objective is to save their world from destruction. You can custom-design the creature, which then evolves as the game progresses. While the PC game has a vast number of galaxies, the Wii has a set storyline that you have to pretty much follow without straying too much.

Once you hatch, you appear in the simplest form – as a ball with legs, and not much else to customise yourself. As you progress, more body parts will become available to you, which can be changed when you get back to the nest or other nests you come across. The first body part you will add is a mouth, as this will allow you to eat fruit in order to maintain your health. The interface is user-friendly and highlights new parts and talents to add to the creature.

Continue the quest by befriending locals as they help you complete the mission. When encountering another creature, you have the option to socialise with them or engage in combat. A quest log keeps track of all current and completed missions.

The game is engaging mostly because of the little rewards you earn as you go along, which is motivation enough to carry on playing.

Written for Digital Life Feb / March 2010.