SVG_00085I came across this post via Amanda Sevasti’s blog – the ABCs of my URLs.

All you have to do is just type each letter of the alphabet into your browser bar and see what comes up.

I have to say though, that this won’t be 100% accurate as I cleared my cache recently. And I was working on a story relating to gaming, and I may or may not randomly browse for holiday related things. I also use a lot of Google services.

A – > just browsing
B – > keeping up with local media scene
C – > I used to write for the print title but they closed down
D – > use it daily
E – > daydreaming about holidays
F – > login mostly for work on weekdays
G – > I google everything
H – > reading
I – > sometimes I need to create infographics for articles I write (print)
J – (nothing came up here)
K – > I like flying from Lanseria
L – > one of my favourite websites
M – > need I say more
N – > did you expect something else?
O – > they sell products that’s not readily available, worth checking
P – > only really share my blog posts here
Q – > I am stumped with this one, how did I end up here?
R – > research
S – > wanted to buy a gift voucher
T – > I always look on the web even though I use Tweetbot
U – > more research
V – > I was looking at tours
W – > I always want to reference something
X – > looking at my neglected account, and research
Y – > I like watching videos
Z – > I haven’t reviewed places in ages

So, what’s the ABC of your URLs?