Wondering what this year has in store in terms of phones? Nafisa Akabor checks out the latest and most impressive.

It’s that time of year again when we look at new smartphones from MWC Barcelona – previously called the Mobile World Congress – which took place at the end of February and where folding screens and 5G have been all the rage. While we don’t have to worry about 5G anytime soon, here are some of the top Android devices heading our way this year.

Galaxy Fold

The most exciting thing to happen in the mobile space in years was the unveiling of a new category of device, the hybrid Galaxy Fold, a few days before MWC. It is both an 11.7cm smartphone and an 18.5cm tablet that folds up to fit into a pocket. We got a sneak peak of it at the Johannesburg live-stream event and it looked impressive. Continue reading here: https://city-press.news24.com/Trending/what-are-the-top-mobile-devices-for-2019-20190310


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