I found this this travel meme online and decided to do it. I know, I haven’t blogged since returning from Taiwan, I’ve been so busy catching up and trying to recover. So this will have to do in the mean time.

1. Where, of all the places you have never been, do you want to go to most?

New York City! I hope if I go there, it lives up to my expectations.

2. Where do you most want to go back to? 

I used to want to return to London, but not so sure about that anymore. I think Cardiff, because I lived there for almost a year. I’d like to see what the city is like now, and how things changed over the years.

3. Favourite City?

That I’ve been to, I’d say Berlin. I love how different the East and West are (architecture). There’s a lot to see and learn. I was surprised at how friendly people were to me.

4. Least favourite city?

I didn’t like Bangkok. Too crowded and too filthy. I had to take nausea tablets because the air stank.

5. Do you speak other languages? 

No, I wish I did, though.

6. How do you get by without being fluent?

I use Google on my phone a lot, or I show pictures of what I’m looking for/where I want to go. It’s always handy to have a business card of the hotel you’re staying at so if you need to take a taxi back, you show the card (which is printed in two languages).

7. Best airport? 

Hong Kong airport. It’s huge, airy, clean. Also, have to mention the self flushing toilets! Creepy the first time around.

8. Worst airport?

Maputo Airport – not much of an international airport.

9. Best travel tips?

Don’t bother with travelers cheques. One of the best options for forex (apart from getting cash), is loading money onto your credit card and (having your PIN) so you can withdraw from any ATM your card is compatible with.

10. Biggest travel mistake?

Packing for an “in case” situation. I’ve learnt to travel light over the years: I went to Germany with hand luggage only. Pack what is necessary and not half your belongings.

11. Best coffee outside your city? Best coffee in your city?

Starbucks without a doubt! When I was in Taiwan, I never passed a Starbucks without buying something. This was mostly because I couldn’t find halal food and mostly surviving off liquids. Best coffee in my city varies because I like a latte from one place, cappuccino from another, etc. Also, depends on my mood. I do like Seattle Coffee Co. though.

12. Best meal while on travel? Best meal in your city?

Best meal for me anywhere would be pizza, even if it’s a margherita. Best meal in my city – too difficult. I like different dishes at different places.

13. Most breathtaking view from your travel? Most breathtaking view in your city?

Breathtaking view from travel – this is difficult too: I liked Singapore, Kuala Lampur, London, Cardiff, Berlin. I like buildings more than the ocean. In my city – I need to explore it more to answer this.

Images taken from Google Images.