This post was written in response to a post on My Digital Life on what my top iPhone apps were. I’ve not included obvious apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. In no order, they are:

1. Dropbox – free

Dropbox lets you sync files between your phone, laptop or PC. It is very handy when I don’t have my cable, I just stick files into Dropbox and it syncs to my Mac immediately. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, mobile web. Not sure about BlackBerry. It has a password feature for your phone which is cool.

2. Google – free

If you have a Google account, chances are you are using many other Google products. As you can see from the list above what is supported. Google Goggles is supported under Search.

3. Instagram – free

If you have an iPhone, this is the first app I will suggest you get. You absolutely have to have it! It reached 1 million downloads very fast. It lets you add effects to pics you take, making it look really professional. It’s a social network app – you follow others and they follow you, so you can see what pics they share.

4. Camera+ – $0.99

This is undoubtedly the best photo editing app on the iPhone. I’ve used loads and this is the one I settled with. There are so many things you can do with one image. At $0.99, it is worth it.

5. Hipstamatic – $1.99

Hipstamatic lets you use different lenses and flashes to create cool effect, which look vintage, sort of. It also makes pics look good and you don’t have to a very good photographer to create cool pics. Here is an example:

I have to add that after I got Instagram, I stopped using this app as often.

6. Peggle (Pop Cap) – $2.99

I’ve been a fan of this game and have it on desktop, netbook, Mac and just had to get it on iPhone. If you played it, or any PopCap game, you will know how addictive it is.

7. Plants vs. Zombies (Pop Cap) – $2.99

Same description as above.

8. Trivial Pursuit (EA Games) – $0.99

I bought this when EA Games had a huge sale in December, most of the games were eventually marked down to less 75%. I also bought Ultimate Mortal Kombat, MMA, and Scrabble. All worth the sale price.

9. Talking Carl – free

This is just a fun, and mostly pointless app. Carl repeats everything you say. Amusing for a while but cool to show people and see how fascinated they get. Entertaining for kids too.

10. CheckMyTrip – free

I just recently got this app when I went to PE last week. I could access my trip info via my booking reference number. It also helped me when I used the self-check-in terminal.