top-5If you’re considering using your smartphone as a fitness “coach”, I’ve rounded up the best apps for you.

I’ve been trying to keep fit and run/jog a couple of times a week, and although I haven’t been in a while, will resume after the fast next month.

I can’t wait to get back to it because I’m testing a Fitbit Zip and I’m obsessed with getting the best results every day. It’s by far the best self motivation gadget I’ve come across. I don’t even care about competing with friends or family; I just want to push myself to the max. I don’t do the social aspect of any fitness app, and don’t accept friend requests either (so don’t add me :P)

I’ve made a list of my top 5 fitness apps, all tried and tested by me on iOS, and I’ve indicated if they are cross platform. In no particular order, they are:

RunKeeper1. RUN KEEPER
Run Keeper tracks running, cycling and some other activities. It uses GPS or manual tracking, supports iPod integration, and has a social aspect to it with options to share on Twitter (don’t do it) or Facebook. It also offers training plans which is great, like ‘run to lose weight’, ‘run a 5k’, ‘run a marathon’, etc.
Platforms: Android, iOS

Runtastic2. RUNTASTIC
Depending on your platform, features vary. Across all of them, the free version offers the basics like GPS tracking, measurements (distance, speed, calories, pace), social media sharing and training history. You can check charts (speed, elevation, pulse) on iOS, Android and BB, but not on WP).
Platforms: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone

Strava3. STRAVA
Track your runs, rides and cross training. Apart from the basics, you can explore spots near you with full details and who has run those distances with their stats (depending on privacy settings). Earn badges to help reach goals. Manually add older workouts.
Platforms: Android, iPhone

NikePlusRunning4. NIKE+ RUNNING
My app of choice mostly because of the stunning interface. Tracks your activity, calories burned, pace tracker, with music integration. It also gives you audio feedback which is motivating. Displays your activity in a heat map (love this). Earn badges, make friends, and share across social media.
Platforms: Android, iOS

Fitbitapp5. FITBIT
The Fitbit app works with an activity tracker and syncs all workouts from it. Worth a mention because I’ve switched to it. Displays daily steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, most active minutes, and option to log food intake. Great for beginners and serious fitness folk.
Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone (not listed on the site)