Today I’m sharing my most useful iOS 11 widgets, some of which don’t require you to go into an app. I know it’s been a while since I did a ‘top 5’ post (eleven months to be exact) so hope you like it and download some of them.

In no order, they are:

TRUECALLER – I use Truecaller unlike most of you, I’m guessing. I don’t give it access to my contacts, and I don’t use the interface when making and receiving calls. I use it in a way I refer to as “passively”;  only access it when I need to. Which is why I put the widget on my phone. I use it by checking unknown numbers who’ve called me by copying it and then right swiping to access the widget, which automatically searches for it without pasting. Nifty, right? The amount of spammer numbers I’ve subsequently blocked – amazing!

COPIED – I’m always copying things on my phone, whether it’s flight reference numbers, passport info, web links etc, I sometimes forget I needed access to a previously copied link before copying something else. Confused? Well this is where Copied comes in. If keeps track of your copied stuff and lets you access them on a clipboard straight from the Search page. Just tap the copy logo on the right for quick access for your shortlist.

BATTERIES – The easiest way to check my battery levels on my connected devices is through the Battery widget. It shows my Apple Watch, Airpods, and Airpods case. Even though it shows my phone, I also like the Battery Life widget (a separate one) which gives you a breakdown of battery life by mAhs.

STOCARD – As you already know how much I love Stocard, naturally I find the widget useful too. Instead of opening the app and finding the right card I need at the exact moment, I use the shortcut to tap on the card so it opens straight to it at the tills.

WHATSAPP – I’m pretty sure most of you already use this one but because I keep badge notifications on for this as apposed to banner push ones, it’s easy to see at a quick glance which of my groups have activity that I should take a look at. As you know 2018 is my ‘year of disconnect’,  so this is ideal for checking on things when I have time for Whatsapp.

And that’s my list… If you have some favourites/most used, please share them via the comments below.