If you have a laptop or netbook that is WiFi enabled and you find yourself an in a situation where you need to connect to the internet (eg if you’re on the road – and not the driver) or you are in a coffee shop that doesn’t offer (free) WiFi (then why are you there?), you might want to try this simple solution:

Converting your cellphone into a WLAN.

I came across this particular software called JoikuSpot that does exactly that. Visit www.joiku.com from your phone and follow instructions to download the application. You need to select your phone model and add your cellphone number in international format. An sms will be sent with the download link. Configure settings accordingly.

If you visit the website from a web browser, you will notice that there is a light version (free) and a premium version (€15). I am referring to the free version.

This is just an emergency solution, not a permanent one. Can you imagine what your phone bill would be like? I would suggest that you keep a Virgin mobile SIM card in your wallet for a situation like this as they charge 50c/MB out of bundle – which is 75% cheaper than Vodacom’s (prepaid) offering.