I recently reviewed my favourite Twitter client on iOS for My Digital Life – Tweetbot. Last year when Twitter introduced a major web revamp, I didn’t expect them to carry it over to their apps across all platforms.

They did and it was awful, so much so, that I stopped using Twitter for iPhone and started looking for a new client. I wasn’t happy initially when Twitter acquired Tweetie, it was the best client and worked a lot better as a 3rd party client (like most apps; and no, I’m not a fan of Facebook buying Instagram, but I welcome the new Droidographers – more people to follow). Tweetie was then rebranded to Twitter for iPhone, and worked well until the major update last year.

After searching the app store and reading a fair amount of user reviews, I was happy for pay $2.99 for Tweetbot. In fact, so happy, that I purchased it for iPad too (it’s just a pity you have to pay for it twice). You can read my complete review of Tweetbot for iOS here to see why I love it.

All that’s left is for the developers to carry it over to Mac.