Tweetbot for Mac confirmed!

mac  /   /  By Nafisa Akabor

My favourite Twitter client on iOS, Tweetbot, is coming to Mac! One of the developers let this “slip” last night: 

If you want a more high-res image, check it out here. I’ve reviewed this app on My Digital Life a while back, and without a doubt, it kicks ass! I’m very excited about this (I even left a comment on the developers blog several months ago asking for one). 

I currently use Twitter for Mac by default because every other offering sucks. What I’ve been looking for and cannot find is a simplistic/minimal app that is not a resource hog like TweetDeck but with option to tweak to your liking and add your own shortcuts, etc.

UX is important and as far as Twitter goes, Tweetbot is the only app that gets it right. 

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