On Wednesday I was flown to George by Volvo South Africa for the launch of the “all new” Volvo S60.

When we arrived, we were taken to a warehouse just around the corner from the George Airport, where we got a glimpse of the “naughty” Volvo S60.

After a quick introduction and briefing, we paired up and got into the car, ready for our adventure. Our first task was to drive from George to Outdshoorn. We were told to get “naughty” in the Volvo S60 – and that’s exactly what I did.

Okay, so we know Volvo is all about safety first. When I drove the D5 model, I felt really safe and more importantly, confident, at the speed I was doing. I don’t think I’ll say how fast I went, but it was the fastest I’ve ever driven in a car. It was smooth.

On arrival at Outdshoorn, we were given a rock shandy – with rocks inside it!

A more technical briefing about the Volvo S60 followed. Like little bits that make the car different from the previous generation – an extra 30mm added to the legroom at the back, and the boot opening has been made 107mm wider.

Thereafter I got to see how the pedestrian avoidance test works. A dummy was placed on the road and I drove normally, (as one would) and as I approached the dummy, the car braked automatically! Sure, I’ve seen youtube videos (not talking about this one) but to actually experience it was really cool.

After lunch, we drove from Outdshoorn to Wilderness, swapping cars after reaching a certain point. The route was chosen carefully as we got to experience long flat roads as well as curvy roads, with an excellent view. It was my first time in George and it really is a beautiful city.

I got to drive the D5 (151kW) and T6 (224kW) and I preferred the D5. There was something about the T6 that didn’t feel right – the steering wheel felt a bit wobbly – but I’m not sure if it was the road. Whatever it was, the D5 was definitely the more enjoyable ride.

Although I’m not the target market, I was impressed with the Volvo S60, especially the little details that went into it.

Prices for the Volvo S60 are as follows:
2.0T Manual – R 355,500
2.0T Powershift – R 371,900
D5 Geartronic – R 408,000
T6 Geartronic – R464,000

More information can be found on the Volvo website.

Thank you Volvo South Africa for inviting me to experience the ‘all new naughty Volvo S60’ and the excellent hospitality.