Volvo invited me to the V60 sport wagon launch held in Cape Town yesterday. Now I know what you’re thinking. Wagon’s aren’t exactly known for their looks, but Volvo actually put effort into making the wagon look good.

So who is it for? According to Volvo’s Gerry Keany, “The typical sports wagon customer is a S60 buyer who would like some extra space and flexibility, but without the slightest compromise on sporty design and exciting driving properties.”

The Volvo V60 sport wagon is racetrack inspired, most notably by its curved interiors:

Just like the S60, which I drove at the launch last year, the V60 has pedestrian detection, which will automatically brake if it detects a pedestrian in front of the car. Volvo says the “60” range is sleek, sophisticated and sporty.

If you’re concerned about sound, Volvo has it covered with Dolby Digital surround sound and when it comes to child safety, the back seats have integrated child booster cushions in the two outer seats.

We got to drive the various models around with an option of a long or short route. I drove the 2.0 Turbo, D5 and the top of the range, T6. After driving the Volvo S60 and V60, I realized I quite like the Diesel engines. The D5 I drove had blind-spot detectors, which is a really awesome feature. If a car is in your blind spot, a little red light comes on, notifying you about it. If only all cars had this feature!

Prices start at R317,700 for the T3 manual; R406,300 for T5 powershift; R418,300 for the D5 geartronic and the top of the range T6 AWD geartronic is R474,700. All prices include C02 emissions tax.

More information can be found on the Volvo V60 website.

Thank you to the team at Volvo who invited me again, and for the lovely accommodation at Old Mac Daddy. Yup, luxury trailer parks do exist!