As promised, here is a follow up on my progress from the media challenge.

bmiWhen you create a profile or your “Mii”, you will be prompted to add your date of birth and height. The Wii Balance Board will then determine your weight and and calculate your BMI (body mass index).

When your BMI results are displayed, you will be able to see if you are underweight, overweight, ideal or obese. Based on these results, you set a goal for yourself. My BMI read ‘ideal’, so I opted to lose about 2kgs over 2 weeks. I reached my goal twice before my targeted time during the month, so I just reset them to gain / lose weight.

Once your goal is set, you are ready to start excercising. I chose to do excercises from the ones I preferred. The options are Aerobic, Balance, Muscle Workouts and Yoga. The Muscle Workouts and Yoga were my least favourite so I didnt concentrate on them as much as Aerobic and Balance. I will quickly cover a few of my favourite games.

Under Aerobic, my favourite was activity was rhythmic boxing. Each workout is three minutes and the intructor on screen shows you exactly what to do. He has a go first while you watch and then you play. The routines vary a little but at this point you are playing “beginner” mode. When you play really well and burn enough calaries and do each routine exactly (rhythmic), you will unlock “advanced”. Advanced workouts last six minutes and are very invigorating. When I was done with this level – I was abit out of breath.

hulaI also enjoyed Hula Hooping, which was quite fun. In the beginner mode, you hula and have to catch 4 hula’s which get thrown to you after you reach a certain score. You lean slightly to the left or right, depending which side it it gets thrown from; to catch it. If you have 2 hula’s, each spin gets you 2 points and with 3 hula’s; 3 points. If you score really well, you unlock “Super Hula”.

The length for all Aerobic games are 3 minutes on beginner and 6 minutes on advanced. In Super Hula, you get two rounds. First round, you move only in the right direction; and round two to the left. At the end of this workout, I was also left out of breath.

Step Basics – was just straight forward step training. I also unlocked the advanced level here. This one didn’t quite leave me panting.

My other favourite was the Balance Games. I think I over played these. The Ski Jump, and Snowboarding were fun. For Snowboarding, you have to turn the Wii Balance board 90 degrees and stand to the side.

headingI found the Heading game quite tricky. You have to head footballs being thrown at you. They come either straight, left of right. You have to be quick. In the midst of it, you get a tog and panda bear being thrown at you and if it hits you, you get 1 and 3 points deducted respectively from your current score.

The Table Tilt was loads of fun but the trick is not to move too fast. The aim is to drop the balls into the hole. Your body on the Balance Board controls the movement of the balls. I managed to unlock the advanced stage. Loads of fun and can be frustrating if you lose at level 7 when level 8 is the final stage which, once completed, advances you to the more difficult stage.

The media challenge that I took part in, required me to get onto the Wii Fit everyday and complete a 25 day routine. Before you start playing games, you are measured and given your BMI and then reqired to do two random body tests. Based on your current age and how you performed in the two tests, a Wii Fit Age is given to you. My age on day 1 was 39 years; and on day 25, 20years. This is how my age fluctuated over the 25 day period:

My absolute worst was 44 years on day 2 and best 20 on several occasions. I was slightly disappointed with my performance on day 17, when I reached 35 years.

The following is what my BMI was daily for the 25 day period. It fluctuated quite healthily:


Now I just have to wait and see if I come out in the top 5 for the media challenge.

Overall I’d say this is an excellent alternate to a gym membership, which we all know does not get used to its maximum compared to how much money goes into it.

Originally blogged on My Digital Life