I know I’ve been neglecting my blog and I want to change that. I think Twitter is partially responsible for me being a lazy blogger, especially if I attend product launches; I end up tweeting rather than blogging. Also, I have no idea what people prefer: detailed blog posts and pics or tweets and twitpics. Anyway, I will make more of an effort to blog.

Since we got an Xbox 360, I haven’t switched on the PS3. I prefer the Xbox because it’s more social. Also, there’s something about wanting to play games on an Xbox rather than PS3, to rack up gamerscore (which is earned if a user has a LIVE profile). I’m still a noob, my score is 485. It’s very intimating because most of my friends have more than 10,000 points. But that didn’t stop me from displaying a gamercard badge to the right, which shows basic stats. Proud noob, I am.

We bought the Xbox specifically to play the Kinect title, Fighters Uncaged. You start off fighting guys who aren’t as skilled, and slowly build up your own character (and skill, as the game progresses), and eventually fight the toughies. The game is tiring! If you aren’t fit, you will be panting after your first two matches. I had to take a break and drink water between fights, and I’m no Rocky! The problem with the game though, is that it’s not very accurate. You can get a good workout and a decent fight, but sometimes your punches or kicks don’t register, or there is a delay.

Other games I enjoyed were Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures. Is it best played with a group of people. I think the most “rewarding” part is watching the video playback of yourself from the game, at the end. Very entertaining! I played a bit of Dance Evolution and wow. I’m officially the worst dancer ever. It’s just as tiring as Fighters Uncaged, but you need to know the basic moves and steps, and have some sort of rhythm. Even though I played on “light” mode, it took a lot out of me.

Since my last post, we’ve upgraded our plasma to an LED TV. What a difference! I’ve started watching garbage on E! Entertainment channel, because it looks so good (ha).

Have you played on Kinect yet? What are your favourite games?